• Expansible Shafts Design and Construction and Consulting.

Who we are

The origins of Pneumatic Shafts date back to 2002.

Born from an experience of more than 50 years in the field of development and construction of expanding shafts and similar products, Pneumatic Shafts grew rapidly until becoming one of the official suppliers on a worldwide level, such as the Bobst Group and the Nordmeccanica Group.

The products in our catalogue include unique and patented pieces:

  • 6 inch expanding shafts
  • Extra light pneumatic expanding shafts
  • 3 inch pneumatic expanding shafts
  • Standard Supports and Special Supports
  • Pneu-mechanic Towing Heads
  • Axial Thrust Heads
  • Aluminium-Rubber Expanding Flanges
  • Special Pneumatic Shafts
  • Kinetic fiction axial thrust head

We can satisfy even the most unusual of requirements in the flexographic, packaging production and textile industries and in the field of processing and transformation of any kind of material involving the unwinding and winding in coils.


Our company is small but undergoing expansion, our team is like a family to us and our priorities include looking after our staff.

A family environment in which respect and kindness are extremely important in relations between employees and with our customers and suppliers. In fact, we are constantly committed to producing unique pieces that respect the requirements of every customer throughout the world, in order to guarantee quality and satisfaction.

Who we are