6 " Pneumatic Expanding Shafts


Our pneumatic expanding shafts are obtained from high strength aluminum alloy profiles or in high quality steel.
They are custom built according to your requirements. Our pneumatic shafts are self-centered and have independent air chambers, suitable to blocking cores with an internal diameter of 152.4 mm.
According to customer requirements, these shafts are available with 6 or 9 strips.

They usally have: 3 strips centering and 3 blocking strips.

For example:

  • Centre distance between support 1600 mm
  • Board length 1400 mm
  • Coil weight 2400 daN
  • Approx. Shaft weight 22 daN


In our range of products, for cores with an internal diameter of 152.4mm, we can found the 6” pneumatic shafts in a light aluminium version. 
The light version includes the same characteristics as the normal version but in this case the shafts will be able to support a lighter weight.

These shafts are built with:

a highly resistant milled and light aluminium alloy shell

  • C45 steel flanges
  • 3 blocking strips and 3 centred strips
  • cut-resistant air chambers
  • protection straps for the air chambers

For example:

  • Centre distance between support 1600 mm
  • Board lengths 1400 mm
  • Coil weight 1450 daN
  • Approx. Shaft weight 17 daN


An example of a Pneumatic Expanding Shaft with a highly resistant aluminium alloy casing.

This is a 6" pneumatic shaft with 9 strips, 3 blocking strips and 3 centring  strips (or vice versa), ensuring the best possible centring.

They have been designed to using also on metalizing machines. 

The profile is very strong and it can be support heavy loads; according to the centre distance between the shafts, it can bear up to 4000 Kg.

For example:

  • Centre distance between support 1600 mm
  • board length 1400 mm
  • Coil weight 3600 daN
  • Approx. Shaft weight 30 daN

6 " Pneumatic Expanding Shafts : Look at the pictures